ADI chip to steer satellite communications beams

ADI chip to steer satellite communications beamsADI and Canadian space specialist MDA are working on a beam forming IC to be used in MDA’s phased array antenna for the Telesat Lightspeed low earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation.

Telesat Lightspeed, initially comprised of 298 next-generation satellites, is planned to launch in the second half of 2023 and will provide broadband connectivity for commercial, government and defence markets.  

LEO satellites must dynamically steer communication beams to maintain uninterrupted and high-speed connectivity to ground terminals.The performing under extreme temperatures and cosmic radiation for the full 10– to 12year lifespan of each satellite.

“Electronically steered array technology is a necessity for the builders and operators of the next generation of LEO constellations,” says ADI’s Bryan Goldstein, ‘this technology provides MDA and Telesat with the ability to simultaneously steer multiple beams and allows beams to be rapidly repositioned at speeds that are not possible with mechanical systems..

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