Anti-torque cable mount connectors design prevents damage during installation

Amphenol RF has expanded its SMA product series with further anti-torque straight solder plug connectors. These durable RF interconnect are created for usage with several popular conformable cable types and support high-frequency applications up to 26.5GHz when connected to SMA jacks and 34GHz when connected to 3.5mm jack connectors. They also mate with 2.92 connectors and are excellent for test and measurement equipment.

SMA connectors employ the reliable threaded coupling mechanism as the rest of the series for easy and secure mating. They are built from brass with gold plating and offer an anti-torque body to lessen stress on cable and solder joints.

The rugged anti-torque body enables the user to hold the body with one wrench while simultaneously torquing down the coupling nut to the mating connector with another. This design serves to stop the entire assembly from twisting throughout installation, which may result in damage to the cable and connector.

These 50Ohm connectors join existing anti-torque SMA straight plugs offered in stainless steel and designed for alternate conformable cable types.

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