Automotive high-efficiency LED driver with a boost controller

Texas Instruments TPS92390 Boost/SEPIC LED Driver, available now from Mouser, is an automotive high-efficiency LED driver with a boost controller. The four high-precision current sinks support phase shifting that automatically adjusts based on the number of channels in use. LED brightness may be controlled globally through the I2C interface or PWM input. The boost controller provides adaptive output voltage control based on the headroom voltages of the LED current sinks. This feature minimises the power consumption by altering the boost voltage to the lowest sufficient level in all conditions.

A wide-range adjustable frequency enables the device to evade disturbance for AM radio band. The device supports built-in hybrid PWM dimming and analog current dimming, which lessens EMI, increases the LED lifetime, and extends the total optical efficiency.

Typical applications for backlighting with monitor, TV, medical displays, industrial backlighting systems in control panels, industrial PC, and test and measurement equipment.

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