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Use chip breaking solutions to effectively cut low- and medium-carbon alloys


Low-carbon and medium-carbon steel almost constitute the main products of every workshop in its general engineering applications and manufactured parts. They are defined by the percentage of carbon in the steel. Low carbon steel is 0.15% to 0.30%, and medium carbon steel is 0.30 to 0.60%. According to a report from, low carbon steel…

Expertise in post-processing is essential to meet customer expectations of 3D printed parts


Apart from 3D printing, what makes additive manufacturing unique are all the processes performed. AM first designs parts dedicated to additives, then programs them, optimizes the process, prints the parts, and finally post-processes them. The promise of 3D printers to spit out finished parts in mass production is unrealistic. For example, simple plastic parts may…

3D printing tools can make low-tonnage bending machines more flexible


Small and light bending machines are usually electric or hydraulic-electric hybrid. A few years ago, considering the low tonnage and bed length, the store may have abandoned them. After all, why invest in a machine that can only handle small parts in a workshop? Fiber lasers have taken the cutting ability to another level, and…

What should be paid attention to in electroplating?


Manufacturers designing piping components or components need to adopt anti-corrosion strategies to protect their products and reputation. They have several options for obtaining corrosion resistance: they can specify the manufacturer to use corrosion-resistant metal or use paint or powder coating, or they can specify that the metal should be plated. Successful electroplating, especially the successful…

Analysis of basic precautions for laser welding


In every industry, products are being designed, redesigned or re-evaluated to obtain better materials or functions. The final product consists of many components, which need to be combined in some way. One of these connection methods is laser welding. Laser welding uses a high-intensity beam to create a molten weld pool to fuse materials together….

Troubleshoot The Sawing Problem As Follows


Through a comprehensive understanding of sawing mechanics and the specific problems that arise when sawing tubular workpieces, many problems in pipe and pipe cutting can be solved. Eliminating sawing problems helps in three areas: increasing the cutting rate, extending the life of the saw blade, and optimizing cutting quality. When cutting hollow workpieces, the blade…

7 tips for finishing stainless steel


In order to obtain the most common stainless steel coatings, you usually have to perform many steps in a specific order. Because stainless steel is more susceptible to heat and contamination, you may find that using this material is more time-consuming and expensive than using carbon steel. It is important to understand how to finish…

Avoid the difference in the sheet metal bending process


There are often some errors in the sheet metal bending process, so how to avoid it? 1. Avoid hiring unqualified people Unless it’s an entry-level position, don’t hire unqualified people. Even so, the wrong entry-level personnel can cause headaches. I have never been keen on human resources. Although your HR personnel may be highly qualified…

How to determine the size of machines and tools used for industrial parts?


Today’s industrial blow molding machines are efficient and predictable, and can usually rely on it to produce precision parts from the beginning. However, it is still wise to know some basic guidelines to help you get started with appropriately sized equipment and tools, especially if you are making a specific part for the first time….

What should I do if a weld line appears during injection molding?


Welded wire or braided wire is probably the most common and difficult to eliminate injection defect. They occur when the melt flow front collides in the cavity. Poor braid will not only cause appearance defects, but also greatly weaken the structural integrity of the part. The strength of the braided wire may be only 20%…