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What are the characteristics of zinc alloy die casting?


The main added elements of zinc alloy die-casting are aluminum, copper and magnesium. Zinc alloys can be divided into deformation and cast zinc alloys according to the processing technology. Cast zinc alloys have good fluidity and corrosion resistance, and are suitable for die-casting instruments and auto parts. Shell etc. Features of : (1) The proportion…

Requirements of CNC machine tools for spindle drive system


The main shaft drive system is also called the main drive system, which is the part of the power unit that completes the main movement in the system. The spindle drive system is transformed into the cutting torque and cutting speed of the tool or workpiece installed on the spindle through the transmission mechanism, and…

2013-10-15 19:25 Engraving machine industry is facing great opportunities for


2013-10-15 19:25Engraving machine industry is facing great opportunities for Cnc Engraving Machine industry after decades of development , has been in stone carving , wood carved furniture , architectural sculpture , advertising, Mold engraving and other industries are widely used. Next , with the developed countries will usher in a wave of replacement demand ,…

Kickstart: Expanding the image of what women do, how they ‘break molds'


I was reading the comments on an article about electric vehicles — yeah, I know: Never read the comments! — when I saw one from a person whinging that the article was written by a woman. “Women aren’t into cars,” the commenter said.So… we’re still at that level?The article was about Ford’s electric F-150, which…

2011-02-25 23:39 How to buy CNC router machine


2011-02-25 23:39How to buy Cnc Router Machine Five steps to choose the Best CNC router, First, know your routing needs. While different routers may generally do the same thing, some models may suit your purposes better. If you’re working with lightweight material, you may want to look toward CNC routers that have their own hold-down…

Kickstart: Breaking molds, taking STEPs


This week’s print issue of Plastics News features , 50 women from a wide range of backgrounds and experience filling jobs at every level of the industry. You can also find longer profiles of all 50 on, written by . We’ll link profiles in emails throughout this week. (And a shoutout to auxiliary equipment maker…

Silicone tube surface dust treatment method


  The solution to the extrusion of silicone tube dust absorption is actually very simple, but also reasonable operation, the simplest is to see the silicone tube placed flat in a clean environment by the air circulation flow to weaken the value of the adsorption, the longer the silicone tube placed on the adsorption capacity…

What Is The Difference Between Silicone Stretch Covers And Plastic Wraps?


What is the Difference between silicone Stretch Covers and Plastic Wraps? In our daily life, we often encounter unfinished dishes, soups or fruits. It is a pity to throw away or throw away the unfinished ones. Put them in the refrigerator. After the food comes into contact with the bacteria in the refrigerator, the bacteria…

Parallel Dual CPU Open CNC System Based on PMAC


AxesController) The multi-axis motion controller is a dual CPU numerical control system with a CNC module and an industrial control machine as the system support unit. It achieves two levels of openness: human-machine interface and customization and parameterization of non-real-time control components; real-time control components Parameterization. 1 The hardware structure of the numerical control system…

New Styles Silicone Cake Molds Available Here


No mater you are planning a celebrating cake or just want some cake to eat, can pans & dishes is needed. And obviously, there is a demand of cake making tools.Are you searching for creative baking pans & dishes?Do you want new design silicone cake molds? Please spend few seconds to take a peek at here….