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“AI+Intelligent Internet of Things” special roadshow project matchmaking meeting was held in Suzhou Industrial Park


On the afternoon of December 23, guided by the Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award Selection Base of the Chinese Society of Artificial Intelligence, hosted by the Yangtze River Delta Data Intelligence Industry Cooperation and Development Joint Conference Office, organized by Zhibo Tiangong (Suzhou) Artificial Intelligence Industry Research Institute and Suzhou International Science…

Password Application and Evaluation|How to build a scientific and effective password protection system


Ask a martial arts question at the beginning of the article If an ordinary person obtains the Heavenly Sword and the Dragon Slaying Sword, can he “command the world, dare not follow it”? I believe that most fans of Jin Yong will sneer: You can’t practice the “Nine Yin Scriptures” and “Wu Mu Sutra” in…

This is already the case with the brake door. What will happen to the city’s autonomous driving and automatic parking AVP?


Recently, there have been a lot of discussions about Tesla’s failure to stop the car. I will not repeat the content in this direction. Recall application). Combined with the direction of autonomous driving at the auto show, there are several core problems with each competing for the best: 1) Tesla, a pioneer of the road,…

Allegro’s new green BLDC fan driver reduces data center energy consumption and improves safety


Allegro’s new green BLDC fan driver reduces data center energy consumption and improves safety The world’s first three-phase BLDC driver with integrated power-off braking mode Allegro MicroSystems (hereinafter referred to as Allegro), a global leader in motion control and energy-efficient system Power Supply and sensing solutions, announced the launch of the world’s first three-phase BLDC…

The basic semiconductor automotive-grade full silicon carbide power module won the 14th “China Core” award


“China Chip” is the highest honor of the domestic integrated circuit industry and is known as the vane of the development of my country’s integrated circuit design industry. On October 25, the 14th “China Integrated Circuit Industry Promotion Conference” was held in Qingdao, and the results of the “China Chip” excellent product solicitation were announced…

Samsung is already developing a low-cost reversible Chromebook code-named “Bugzzy”


Samsung may be developing a new low-cost Chromebook, and it is a laptop that can change form. Evidence of the existence of this new device was found in the Chromium repository, code-named “Bugzzy” The mysterious Samsung Chromebook (discovered by Chrome Unbox) seems to be powered by Intel’s Jasper Lake processor and meets the requirements of…

Unexpectedly, following the footsteps of Tan Jun, Wu Xiongang, chairman of ARM China, was removed from office


Just now, according to the 21st Century Business Herald, just before ARM China plans to go public in China, Wu Xiongang, the executive chairman and CEO of Arm China, was removed from his post. Ten years ago, Tan Jun, general manager of ARM China, was suddenly dismissed in this way. Perhaps, Wu Xiongang, who officially…

There are several types of operational amplifiers. How many do you know?


“Do you know that there are several types of operational amplifiers? When it comes to operational amplifiers, it is no stranger to engineers. In fact, it was used in early analog computers to implement mathematical operations. Operational amplifier (referred to as “op amplifier”) is a circuit unit with a very high amplification factor. “ Do…

Overview of HDL Code Automatic Generation Technology Based on Model Design


“On the basis of investigating the related tools and engineering application of HDL code automatic generation technology based on model design in recent years, the application requirements and current situation of model-based design are analyzed from the technical point of view of HDL code automatic generation, and model-based design automation is analyzed. The efficiency and…

Picoammeter circuit capable of handling wide voltage range


“The evaluation of analog switches, multiplexers, operational amplifiers and other ICs poses a challenge for IC test engineers. A typical test requires applying a test voltage or forced voltage to the input of the device and measuring any resulting leakage current and offset current, which is often performed at the level of 1pA or lower….