Custom CNC turning and milling compound processing parts manufacturers

PTJ has advanced production equipment and rich experience as a guarantee, providing customers and friends with high-quality products, manufacturing and processing customized products, based on customer drawings and requirements, selecting high-quality materials to maximize satisfaction with customers and friends for fine CNC turning and milling. The application requirements of processed products.

In the process of CNC turning and milling composite machining of the workpiece, the matters needing attention are as follows:
1) When performing high-precision workpiece forming and processing, use a dial indicator to detect the tool on the spindle so that the static runout is controlled within 3μm, and the tool holder system needs to be re-clamped or replaced if necessary;
2) Regardless of whether it is a part processed for the first time or a part that is processed periodically, it must be inspected and checked tool by tool and program by program according to the drawing process, program and tool adjustment card before processing, especially with regard to the tools in the program. For length compensation and radius compensation, try cutting again if necessary;
3) When single-segment trial cutting, the rapid override switch must be set to a lower gear;
4) When using each tool for the first time, it must be verified whether its actual length is consistent with the compensation value given;
5) During the operation of the program, the main points are to investigate several manifestations on the CNC system;
6) Coordinate Display: you can understand the current position of the tool movement point in the machine tool coordinate system and the workpiece coordinate system, understand the movement amount of this block, and how much movement is left, etc.;
7) Display of registers and buffer registers: It can be seen that each status command of the program segment is being executed and the content of the next program segment.
CNC turning and milling processing
Compared with three-axis CNC machining equipment, CNC turning-milling combined processing has the following advantages:
1. Adhere to the cutting condition of the tool and improve the cutting condition
2. Effectively prevent the knife from drying out
3. Reduce the number of clamping and finish processing in one clamping
4. Improve processing quality and power
5. Shorten the production process chain and simplify production management
6. Shorten the development cycle of new products

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