eLuomeng released the latest survey results: The increasing demand for low-cost single-board computers in industrial and Internet of Things applications

Avnet’s global Electronic component products and solutions distributor eLuomeng released the latest market research. The survey results show that low-cost single-board computers (SBC) have become an important building block for new product development and the entire production process at all stages, and industry and the Internet of Things are the most important application areas for single-board computers. About 50% of the interviewed professional engineers Use single board computers for industrial and IoT application development.

Raspberry Pi is the most popular single board computer, and 44% of interviewed professionals choose Raspberry Pi. Followed by Arduino (28%), Beagleboard ranked third (6%). These market-leading single-board computers can simplify the new product development process and accelerate the time to market, which will help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) respond to market trends faster. The survey also found that compared with other single-board computer users, Raspberry Pi users have the highest viscosity, and they are the least likely to switch to other single-board computers.

The survey also showed that single-board computers have been widely used in all stages of product development and production processes. 23% of respondents use single-board computers for proof of concept, 35% of respondents use for prototyping; 22% of respondents use low-cost single-board computers in product production, and about 20% of the products are at least 5,000 units are mass-produced each year, and another 20% of respondents use single-board computers for test equipment development and testing.

The global research project was carried out from March to May 2021, and a total of 1,500 short-circuit board solution users participated, including professional engineers, designers and makers. Among them, three-quarters of the respondents (75%) are professionals, and only one-quarter of the respondents are amateurs or makers (25%). The purpose of this survey is to gain an in-depth understanding of the application of popular single-board computers from many leading manufacturers in the research and development of professional products and projects.

Other key research findings include:

  • The number of Maker users who use Raspberry Pi and Arduino is similar, which shows that engineers like to use their familiar development boards whether in personal development projects or at work.

  • About 24% of professionals use single-board computers with their own development boards, which proves that standard computer platforms with customized I/O interface devices can bring superior performance to many application development.

  • Shortening the time to market is one of the main goals of professionals, and ease of use and familiarity are the most important considerations for them when choosing a single board computer.

  • Only 20% of engineers use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in their single-board computer application development.

  • High-performance AI and larger memory are the most common requirements for improving single board computers.

  • Touch screens are currently the most popular accessory products. Cameras and kits for improving battery or solar Panel Power Supply performance are also popular.

  • Professionals are more likely to use custom development boards than makers.

Romain Soreau, Director of the Single Board Computing Department of Farnell and eLuomeng said: “This survey clearly demonstrates the wide range of applications of single board computers in commercial, Internet of Things and industrial environments. High performance, versatility, rich functions and accessories, low cost Cost and a large and active user base are the reasons why Raspberry Pi and Ardunio are so popular. They provide an ideal platform for engineers to achieve rapid development and deployment of various applications. The use of single-board computers in prototyping will help engineers greatly reduce calculations Cost and achieve new product launches faster.”

As a global distributor, eLuomeng can quickly provide customers with a variety of easy-to-use products for professional applications, including major single board computer platforms and toolkits from the world’s leading brands, such as: Raspberry Pi, Ardunio (Potenta H7 ), Intel (NUC series), Industrial Shields, etc. In addition, customers can also get 5 days a week, 8 hours a day technical support services, and free access to the e-column website and practical online resources on the engineering and maker community e-column community.

eLuomeng is the longest-running distributor partner of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and its Raspberry Pi development board has sold more than 15 million units. eLuomeng now stocks a full range of Raspberry Pi single-board computers, including the latest Raspberry Pi Pico, which can support users in building home, professional, teaching or commercial application equipment. At the same time, eLuomeng also provides a diverse ecosystem of accessories, including housings, power supplies, micro-HDMI cables and Raspberry Pi high-resolution cameras.

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