How does Dongguan cnc process plastics?

Compared with metal materials, Dongguan cnc processing plastics is not simple at all, mainly because of the performance characteristics of plastics. Thermoplastics have low hardness and low tensile strength. The thermal conductivity is low, and the modulus of elasticity is small.

When Dongguan cnc machining and cutting, under the same cutting conditions, its cutting force is only 1/14 of that of 45 steel; although its thermal conductivity is low, its hardness is also very low, so its highest cutting temperature does not exceed 120°C; because of the low melting point of thermoplastics, when the cutting temperature does not reach the melting point, it begins to soften, forming an alteration phenomenon, which affects the degree of lubrication of the surface of the workpiece.

Dongguan cnc processing

How can we achieve a good appearance? Here we offer a few suggestions:

(1) Dongguan cnc machining tool data. Use high-speed steel or cemented carbide.
(2) Tool geometry parameters. 7. = 15°-25°. Because the elastic modulus of this kind of material is very small, the elastic recovery is large, in order to reduce the conflict of the flank face, take a. =15°-18°. In order to control the chip removal direction, the spiral viewpoint of the end mill = 20°-25°. The entering angle of the face milling cutter is Kr=45°. The chip pocket of the milling cutter should be as large as possible.
(3) Cnc processing and milling consumption. As long as the cutting temperature does not exceed the softening temperature of the material and the phenomenon of alteration occurs, the VC should be higher to improve the processing efficiency.

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