How to improve the finish of stainless steel parts processing?

There are many influencing factors to improve the finish of stainless steel parts in the process of processing, including lathes, materials, and cutting tools. General machine tools can reach Ra1.6, and precision high-speed machine tools for processing aluminum can reach Ra0.2. The finish of patterned parts should be compromised.

The main thing here is that the wrinkles of the parts are difficult to deal with. There are many factors. If you are a long shaft, maybe the tailstock is not lifted enough, or the tailstock is moving. If there is no problem with the tailstock, the tool wear, including processing parameters, Many problems such as cutting fluid. There is also the material for processing stainless steel parts, and the corresponding tool is selected. Furthermore, it includes the problem of the machine tool itself, which can only be solved in practice. This alone cannot be solved, and other reasons need to be explored.

In fact, the main reason is the processing strength of stainless steel parts. It may be that the protruding length of your machined parts is too long, or the length of your tool is too long. The center of the tool is high. Choose the right tool. In some cases, too high a rotation speed causes the resonance of the machine tool and the parts and tools, and patterns will also appear.

How to improve the processing finish of stainless steel parts?

First of all, you have to make sure that the stability of the lathe is good or not the fixation of the lathe is good. Then it is whether the spindle will shake when it is running at high speed, and the second is that the coolant is very important, and then your tool must be well ground, and the chip flute must be opened well to prevent the poor chip from causing the workpiece to be scratched and the turning tool to fall. When the corners are rounded, the corners are rounded. In addition, don’t resist the knife when installing the knife. The last thing is to match the spindle speed and the feed speed. If your lathe is not working well, it is recommended to buy some sandpaper to get it. When sanding it, it is recommended to deal with it according to the working direction of the turning tool, so that the texture of the stainless steel parts is processed. It’s better.

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