IPhone 12 dropped to clearance price, now it is more cost-effective to start

I believe that some fans who have been paying attention to Mingmei Infinite to this day should understand that, at present, the focus of Apple mobile phones is concentrated on the iPhone 13, mainly around the supply of goods, in fact, regardless of online or offline channels, ordinary The version is not difficult to buy, mainly because the two Pro versions with high screen refresh are in serious demand. Although Apple has taken some measures, it is difficult to see the effect in the short term. At least it is impossible to achieve the spot.

As for the popularity of the Pro version, it is of course that the upgrade is relatively strong, which can make people feel the obvious difference from the previous generation of products, while the regular version is cheaper and has fewer people buying, which proves that among the fruit fans, more and more More people pay more attention to changes in experience when buying new equipment, so some people who haven’t bought the Pro version would rather choose to wait and see for the time being and wait until the supply is not so tight.

For those who want to buy the regular version of the iPhone 13, they can actually consider the iPhone 12. Not only is there little difference between the two parties, but the price that the iPhone 12 is about to break is also an important consideration.

In the past few days, everyone is paying attention to which mobile phone has the highest decline, which mobile phone sells the best, and which mobile phone is most worth missing. After all, there is only one Double Eleven every year. Everyone wants to buy a new machine that saves money, worry, and is easy to use during this time.

So which mobile phone is the best selling and most worth buying now? This needs to be proved by the sales list. As of the 5th, the single product with the highest real-time sales on Double Eleven this year is the iPhone 12!

It’s really surprising. After all, the iPhone 13 has been released this year. I didn’t expect the old iPhone 12 to be more popular than the new iPhone 13. Why is that?

Presumably the reason is clear to everyone, and that is because the price of the iPhone 12 is cut too sharply, allowing users to see more attractiveness, so they abandoned the iPhone 13 and chose the iPhone 12.

First of all, in terms of performance, iPhone 12 is equipped with Apple’s A14 bionic chip and adopts TSMC’s 5nm process technology. It is Apple’s first model to support 5G networks, and it also supports dual card dual standby. iPhone 13 uses Apple’s A15 bionic chip, which also uses TSMC’s 5nm process, with limited performance improvements. What is unpleasant is that Apple has also differentiated the processors. The iPhone 13 uses the residual blood version of the Apple A15 chip. Apple puts the best chip on the iPhone 13 Pro series models. This shows that Apple does not seek innovation. , Differentiate the details on the minutiae. Therefore, although iPhone 13 has improved performance, it is hard to escape the suspicion of squeezing toothpaste.

In contrast, the iPhone 12 series is equipped with the Apple A14 chip with the same performance. Even today, the performance of the Apple A14 chip is still very powerful, far surpassing the performance of the Android flagship machine. Speaking of this, the author suddenly has an idea. Perhaps it is not Apple squeezing toothpaste, but the flagship processor of the Android phone has been unsatisfactory. It’s kind of benevolent. The performance of Apple iPhone 12 will not be a problem for another 3 years, and it can easily cope with daily application and game needs.

Secondly, not to mention the appearance design. We see that the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 are notchs that have not changed for a long time. That is to say, although the iPhone 13 is more expensive, the appearance has not been reformed, since they are all set in stone. Liu Haiping, why spend more than a thousand yuan to start iPhone 13? Once again, they are all 20W in terms of fast charging, and the charging experience is exactly the same, so there is indeed no change to buying the more expensive iPhone 13.

Therefore, it is not difficult to find through the comparison of the above-mentioned iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 that the two phones are indeed not much different. The processor performance is not much different. They are all OLED screens with a 60Hz refresh rate. They all support 5G networks and dual-card dual-standby. The same rear-mounted 12 million-pixel ancestral dual-camera. At present, the price of iPhone 12 is more advantageous, so more and more fans choose iPhone 12 wisely, and the high sales volume is reasonable.

Also, although the 12-megapixel dual camera on the rear of the iPhone 12 is not a novelty, the imaging effect is indeed remarkable, and it has also been enhanced to a certain extent in terms of battery life.

For some fruit fans, iPhone 12 is not only Apple’s first 5G mobile phone, but also a milestone product. After getting the iPhone 12, it means that I don’t need to change to a new phone for many years in the future!

In addition, it is worth mentioning today that the iPhone 13 is selling well and the iPhone 12 has entered a complete liquidation phase. The current 128G version has fallen to 4790 yuan. Many netizens said, “It seems that Apple is not holding its value now.”

Prior to this, the 128G version sold for 6,799 yuan, and the dive rate was as high as 2,000 yuan. In fact, many netizens think that the iPhone 12 Pro is more fragrant. The iPhone 13 processor is not superior to the iPhone 12 Pro, and basically there is no difference in performance between the two models. Would you choose the new iPhone 13 or a discounted predecessor product?

In addition, today Mingmei Wuxian would like to mention by the way that at the same time a large number of second-hand iPhone 12 flooded into the market, which is also a good choice. If you plan to buy a second-hand iPhone 12, you must pay attention to the following points:

First, check whether the camera and screen are disassembled or repaired;

Second, check whether the face unlock can be used normally;

Third, if conditions permit, check again whether the ACE is all green.

Of course, if you are not a friend or a friend who does not know second-hand mobile phones and want to buy an iPhone 12, it is still recommended to buy the original one, which is simple and convenient.

Apart from that, let’s get back to the subject, why is it said that now is the best time to get the iPhone 12? Judging from the law of Apple’s price cuts over the years, after a wave of price cuts on Double Eleven, the second wave of price cuts will come after the Spring Festival. If there is a desire to start iPhone 12, Mingmei recommends buying it early and enjoying it. From a configuration perspective, iPhone 12 runs A14 chip, and iOS 15 system guarantees that it will not be stuck for three years. As Apple’s first-generation 5G mobile phone, its market retention is huge, which means that its system cycle will be longer, and the value preservation rate of the second-hand market is also higher.Even Cook said, Apple really fights, really Increase iPhone production capacity at full speed.


Apple rarely participates in China’s Double Eleven, and iPhone 12 has joined the price cut army. The most fundamental reason is to seize the high-end mobile phone market, and sales have increased significantly. In the face of this situation, domestic mobile phones really need to reflect. A person who drives up the price of mobile phones but can’t sell it, isn’t it self-inflicted?

In short, the most fundamental reason why Apple has joined the price reduction camp now is to seize the market. It not only launched the iPhone 13 series with lower-than-expected prices, but also further lowered the price of the old model iPhone 12. But Apple’s approach is undoubtedly the best time for consumers to dig up their wool. If you want to get an Apple model in the near future, you might as well consider the iPhone 12, which has a drastically priced dive. To be honest, it’s really a bargain!

Finally, in general, it is the best time to start with the iPhone 12. iPhone 12 is not bad, taking advantage of today’s low price, it is relatively cost-effective to start.

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