More flexibility with new SMB cable assembly options

Amphenol RF has introduced additional SMB cable assemblies into its broad portfolio of pre-configured RF assemblies. These 50-Ohm cable assemblies provide a plug-to-plug configuration and are offered in RG-58 and RG-174 versions. They give reliable electrical performance up to 4GHz, or the limits of the cable type, and are excellent for designs where there are space constraints.

The SMB cable assemblies are engineered with high-quality connectors that are built using brass with gold plating. These connectors offer a convenient push-on coupling mechanism for simple mating and un-mating. The subminiature size of the connectors and versatility of the cable types enable them to fit in compact spaces such as those needed with test and measurement laboratory equipment, antennas and defence applications.

The cable assembly product series incorporates a mixture of SMB plug to plug options in straight and right-angle configurations. They are offered on many popular flexible RG cable types.

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