New calculation and selection tool for film capacitors for PCB mounting

TDK Corporation offers a new, powerful and intuitive CLARA tool (Capacitor Life And Rating Application) for calculating and picking EPCOS and TDK film capacitors for PCB mounting. The tool provides a versatile parametric search functionality. This incorporates a search for capacitance, voltage range, as well as for rated voltage, RMS and peak current, temperature, approvals, maximum dimensions and volume, reference standards as well as typical applications.

By clicking only once, the performance of up to four capacitors may be simulated under application conditions. This is presented in a clear table, which can include the following parameters, for example operating temperature, AC voltage, DC voltage, peak current and expected service life. Moreover, safety tolerances are specified, enabling developers to modify the configuration according to their specific needs. Furthermore, a warning is issued if the permitted capacitor parameters are exceeded.

Application conditions, which can include personal notes, may be stored for future use. STEP files and SPICE simulation data are offered for the majority of capacitors.

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