Non-standard hardware parts processing custom cooperation process

Non-standard hardware parts processing process: Our collaboration process is roughly the same as normal orders. First, send the processing drawings or samples to us, and wait for the staff to evaluate and calculate, and then give the price and processing time. After the two sides have reached an agreement, the order can be placed Single, pre-payment of deposit is required for early collaboration, full payment on delivery, long-term collaboration, and monthly settlement.

Non-standard hardware parts processing MOQ: Our minimum order quantity is one piece, large quantity is better. The unit price for sampling is generally more expensive, because the time when buying materials may not require material suppliers to cut small pieces, and machine programming organizations, etc. may not be as convenient as mass production. Small profits but quicker sales are the lasting rule. , But when the parts are in mass production, we promise to return the sample price difference.

Advantages of non-standard hardware parts processing plants:
1. Years of hardware machinery manufacturer with rich processing experience.
2. The processing standard is accurate and the tolerance (0.02mm-0.001mm)
3. Acceptable: sample processing, drawing processing, mold processing, various non-standard, precision non-standard hardware parts processing, etc…
4. The company is equipped with: multiple milling machines, lathes, grinders, CNC machining bases and other production equipment to provide you with high-quality one-stop efficiency.
5. The delivery is on time, and you can also send a special car for delivery, so that you can receive the product in the first time.
6. Have strict quality control, establish a professional quality team, conduct multiple inspections on incoming materials, semi-finished products, and finished products, and do not use badly or make badly, and eliminate defective products from flowing into the market.
7. Select excellent suppliers, select technical operators, continuously improve the company’s management model, rationally use capital, improve the company’s competitive ability, and avoid price wars. High-end quality comes from sophisticated technology. The first stop for precision machinery and hardware processing, we will sincerely provide you with excellent efficiency!

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