The necessary design of cylinder piston of single column hydraulic press

Considering the special comparison of working environment, the single column Hydraulic Press needs regular inspection to prevent doubt, especially its oil cylinder piston. Under the operating conditions of high temperature, high pressure, high speed and poor smoothness, the piston will directly touch the high-temperature gas, so it will be heated severely. In addition, its original heat dissipation conditions are poor, so the piston often presents the phenomenon of high temperature during operation.

Moreover, the top of the piston of the single column hydraulic press receives a large gas pressure, which makes the piston impact and accept the action of side pressure. The piston moves back and forth at a high speed in the cylinder, and the speed is constantly changing, so the inertial force will appear, making the piston subject to a great additional load.

In addition, the piston of the cylinder of the single column hydraulic press may be deformed, severely worn, additional load and thermal stress, etc., which will cause damage to all single column hydraulic presses.

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