What is the Dongguan CNC machining process specification?

Dongguan CNC machining process regulations. Generally include the following content: parts processing technology, detailed processing content of each process, cutting amount, working hours quota, and selected equipment and process equipment.
Dongguan CNC processing procedures: The production process in the workshop includes the primary process of directly changing the shape, size, orientation and nature of the workpiece, as well as auxiliary processes such as transportation, storage, knife sharpening, and equipment repair. In the production process, the shape, scale, orientation and nature of the production target are gradually changed in a certain order to make it the first part of the production process, which is called the process process. The entire processing process that a part passes through in sequence is called a process path or process flow. According to the output of the workpiece, the equipment conditions and the skill status of the workers, the skilled personnel determine and use the process document rules to determine the machining process, which is called the Dongguan CNC machining process regulations.
The main content of Dongguan CNC machining regulations:
1. Product characteristics, quality standards.
2. Production process.
3. Special equipment characteristics and quality standards.
4. The primary technical skills, semi-product quality standards.
5. The main operating points of the production process.
6. The characteristics of raw materials and auxiliary materials and the quality standards that should be met for production.
7. View items and times of process skill indicators.
8. Check items and frequency of primary technical economic indicators and product quality indicators.

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