Where is the advantage of SMT electronic fixture processing company?

SMT electronic fixture processing
Proofing cycle: 4-7 days
Surface roughness: 0.8
Tolerance: 0.01mm
Maximum length: 1000 (mm)
Large diameter: 1500 (mm)
Processing materials: aluminum, stainless steel
Turning type: CNC turning
Machining accuracy: finishing
Machining type: turning

SMT electronic fixture processing company is a professional design, processing and production of various types of fixtures, mainly producing high-quality fixtures. SMT electronic fixture processing company is committed to the design and manufacture of various non-standard automation parts. It is also a company that provides automated processing services for manufacturing. Can provide you with a complete and comprehensive product testing and electronic product welding, furnace solutions. Specializing in the design and production of SMT electronic fixtures, non-standard fixtures, and engraving processing. Special personnel take samples and deliver goods, the delivery is on time, and the price is reasonable.

The SMT electronic fixture processing company has a high-precision CNC machining center, an experienced R&D and design team, and excellent processing and manufacturing capabilities. It relies on independent innovative technology and product excellence to ensure that the product structure, appearance, shape, and material selection are advanced, On the basis of superiority, reliability, stability and simplicity and beauty, we are committed to understanding user experience, user concerns and needs. Stable and efficient performance and simple operation have been recognized and praised by customers. We pay attention to the training and management of talents. Specialization and youth are the characteristics of the talent team of SMT electronic fixture processing company. At the same time, SMT electronic fixture processing company insists on customer-centric, we adhere to the consistent business philosophy “to provide customers with the best service with the highest quality products.” Strive to provide customers with high-quality, low-cost precision parts and electronic process solutions to achieve the goal of assisting efficient production and high quality.

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